Model: B100W

® 100Watt
With over-temperature Auto Reset cut off switc
The Dampchaser® is the perfect low cost solution for protecting your clothes shoes and possessions from the damaging effects of mold, mildew dampness and corrosion. Just fit it and forget it and let the Dampchaser® do its work.

Comes complete with simple mounting hardware, a 1.8 meter power cord and plug. The Dampchaser® is mounted horizontally to  a wall in the lower half of the cupboard / closet creating a gentle background warmth that circulates throughout. It helps to reduce allergens and  eliminate damp musty odours. Ideal in wardrobes and closets, or for creating an airing cupboard.

The Dampchaser® has a multitude of uses around the home and work place, and can be used in boats, basements, storage lockers, drying cabinets, animal enclosures, small rooms, caravans, pianos, electrical switchboards, gun safes, plant propagating rooms and in sporting equipment lockers..

Model: T17W

® 17Watt tubular heater with integral mounting brackets

Model: B60W

® 60 Watt
With over-temperature Auto-Reset cut off switch
The 100 Watt model is ideal for creating an airing cupboard or for larger double wardrobes of approximately 5 to 6 cubic meters.
The 60 Watt is ideal for single or double wardrobes with a cubic capacity of approximately 3 to 4 cubic meters.
The 17 Watt model is ideal
in small cupboards or pianos up
to approximately 1 cubic meters.

Please note the model required is a guide only and may vary due to climatic and environmental conditions, as well as the construction methods of the storage areas in question.
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2018 © Brett Productions Ltd
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Model: HY02TP
Didital Timer Thermostate

Ideal for precisely controlling room or cupboard temperature and for saving power